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Web Development

Web Development

Web Development

Where design meets function.

You may be wondering web design & web development, what’s the difference? Thats a great question! Web design is the process of creating websites. It involves everything from designing the layout of the website to adding images and text. Web development, on the other hand, is the process of building and maintaining those websites. Developers are responsible for coding designs into a working website, as well as troubleshooting any problems that may arise.

Now your website is no longer static, it has functionality which allows you to edit and keep track of your resources. We use content management system software which allows users to edit their web pages without knowing how to coding.


WordPress CMS

40% of websites on the internet are powered by WordPress.

Webify primary uses the WordPress content management system as a foundation to create websites. It makes development much quicker by providing us with some of the essential tools to manage your website, this allows us to focus on the overall theme of the website. While WordPress gives us a head start on functionality, it is sometimes necessary to use programming technologies such as PHP & Javascript to customize the website even further.

Why should you consider creating your website on WordPress? The answer is simple, since 2003 WordPress has been proven to bring website successful results. It is completely scalable and customizable giving us flexibility and true ownership of a website. Also WordPress has hundreds of features and plugins to extend website functionality.

There are a plethora amount of amazing theme design selections to choose from, our job is to bring all the elements and features together to create a beautiful design that fits your brand.

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